Since I finished the redesign of this part of the site back in March, I have been busy scanning back issues of our club magazine “AMRA Journal” and adding them into the “Member’s Area” so that all AMRA members can access electronic copies of these past issues. As I have been scanning I noticed the various names of those members who devoted much time to actually editing the Journal for us. Without these dedicated member’s, the Association wouldn’t exist as until the Member’s Area was added to the web site, all most member’s received for their membership was the Journal.

  1. Ernie Mainka
  2. Jack May
  3. Rick Richardson
  4. Arthur Harrold
  5. Allan Dowell
  6. Rex Little
  7. Neil Riches
  8. Stuart Pattison

Note that all of these editors have had a team of other members working with them to produce the Journal (although in recent years the computer has replaced many of the tasks that members used to do manually).

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