July-August Journal


This Journal is now at the printers so you should receive it in a couple of weeks time. In this Journal you will find the following articles:

  • Load Testing Railway Bridges in NSW
  • Enjoy Shunting Again
  • AMRA Crossword Puzzle #9
  • Martindale Creek’s ’14 Expansion
  • My Beautiful Railroad
  • Welded Rail Thermal Expansion Control
  • RailScene
  • Using Prewired Surface Mount LEDs
  • and all the regular Branch news…

Note that accompanying this issue will be the renewal notice for those members required to renew and also a nomination form for the Federal Committee of Management. Members are requested to please nominate someone if possible as several of the current committee are retiring and so we need people to volunteer to take their places. Those staying on have already offered to fill the most time consuming positions so the new committee members will only need to volunteer one evening a month of their time.

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