AMRA Journal

What is Journal


The Journal is an in-house publication supplied on a bi-monthly basis to all AMRA members except family members.

The Journal contains articles related to model and prototype railways that are considered to be of interest to members of the Association. The Journal also contains details of the latest plans, competitions, and activities organized by the Federal Committee of Management (sometimes referred to as the CoM). The back part of the Journal is dedicated to Branch News which lets members know what has happened and is about to happen not only in their own branch but also in the other branches across Australia.

The Journal Team consists of the following:

Editor: Stuart Pattison
Managing Editor and Publisher: Stuart Pattison
Advertising Manager: Dale Kay
Distribution Officer: Victorian Branch

The Federal Committee of Management and others involved in the production of Journal are constantly looking at ways to improve the quality. The Journal was produced in-house by our Victorian branch for many years first using a printing press and then using a high speed copier. Colour covers were introduced in 2006 with the covers being professionally printed with the rest of the Journal continuing to be printed in-house. The demise of the copier coincided with the decision to switch from A4 side stapled to A3 centre stapled with occasional colour centre-spreads and the Journal is now once again being printed professionally after many many years of in-house production. Our thanks go to the Victorian branch for their many years of producing a Journal that was as good as had previously been produced professionally at a lower cost to the members.


Issue One

The first issue of Journal was published in August 1951.
Few of the current membership have been members long enough to have received the original issue of Journal (or even the reprint that was distributed as a supplement to Journal number 100).

Those members (and others) who are interested in the
origins of Journal can now read the entire first issue here pdf. This copy was scanned from the reprint in Journal 100 which was printed on white paper. Norm Read advised that the original copies were printed on pink paper.
<!–h3>Advertising Rates

Two internal pages (one sheet) and both sides of
the back cover of each Journal are available
for paid advertising on a first come first served basis. Ads can be purchased either for a single issue or for an entire year (six issues). Reduced rates apply for advertisers who advertise for a full year. Those advertisers who renew their advertising for additional years have the option of paying in two instalments.

Note that the Journal switched to full colour in 2011 and so all advertising is now available in colour instead of just those ads displayed on the back cover.

Casual (1)
Regular Advertiser
single issue
First Year (1)
(6 issues)
Renewing (2)
(per 3 issues)
per issue
comparison rate
Quarter page inside
up to 85x130mm (WxH)
Half page inside
up to 188x130mm (WxH)
Full page inside
up to 188x273mm (WxH)
Half page outside back cover
up to 188x130mm (WxH)
Full page outside back cover
up to 188x273mm (WxH)
Insert – preprinted A4 (or folded A3)
sheet supplied by advertiser
The Mar/Apr 2006 Journal was the first to have a colour cover

The Mar/Apr 2006 Journal was the first to have a colour cover


(1) All ads placed by casual and first time advertisers must be paid for in advance.

(2) Renewing advertisers placing an order for a quarter page or more of advertising in six issues can pay in two instalments in advance of the first and fourth issues in which their ad appears.

(3) Rail Hobby Buyers Guide may only be purchased in multiples of six issues payable in advance and the content of the ad must remain unchanged for the six issues.

(4) Advertisers should supply sufficient inserts to be placed in all Journals (currently about 600 copies).

(5) Higher advertising rate for inserts is required to offset increased postal charges.

Original advertising copy/artwork for all ads should be supplied by the advertiser to the advertising manager either as hard copy or in an electronic format that is readable in one of the following programs: Microsoft Word, Excel or Publisher (2010 or lower) or plain text as readable by Microsoft Wordpad or Notepad, Adobe (In Design, Acrobat or Photoshop).If submitting pictures either jpg, bmp or tiff.

Rates shown are effective from 1st January 2020 and are inclusive of GST. Overseas advertisers are not required to pay GST (deduct 1/11th of the price shown).

All artwork and payment should be received by the Advertising Manager by the 7th day of the even month (February, April, June, August, October, December) preceding the issue of Journal in which the ad is to appear.

For more information please contact the Advertising Manager.