AMRA Journal

What is Journal


The Journal is an in-house publication supplied on a bi-monthly basis to all AMRA members except family members.

The Journal contains articles related to model and prototype railways that are considered to be of interest to members of the Association. The Journal also contains details of the latest plans, competitions, and activities organized by the Federal Committee of Management (sometimes referred to as the CoM). The back part of the Journal is dedicated to Branch News which lets members know what has happened and is about to happen not only in their own branch but also in the other branches across Australia.

The Journal Team consists of the following:

Editor: Stuart Pattison
Managing Editor and Layout Officer: Stuart Pattison
Advertising Officer: Dale Kay
Distribution Officer: vacant

The Federal Committee of Management and others involved in the production of Journal are constantly looking at ways to improve the quality. The Journal was produced in-house by our Victorian branch for many years first using a printing press and then using a high speed copier. Colour covers were introduced in 2006 with the covers being professionally printed with the rest of the Journal continuing to be printed in-house. The demise of the copier coincided with the decision to switch from A4 side stapled to A3 centre stapled with occasional colour centre-spreads and the Journal is now once again being printed professionally after many many years of in-house production. Our thanks go to the Victorian branch for their many years of producing a Journal that was as good as had previously been produced professionally at a lower cost to the members.

Issue One

The first issue of Journal was published in August 1951.
Few of the current membership have been members long enough to have received the original issue of Journal (or even the reprint that was distributed as a supplement to Journal number 100).

Those members (and others) who are interested in the
origins of Journal can now read the entire first issue here pdf. This copy was scanned from the reprint in Journal 100 which was printed on white paper. Norm Read advised that the original copies were printed on pink paper.