Award Criteria

Norman Read BEM Perpetual Award

Layouts, or modules shall be eligible for consideration for this Award provided that they meet the following criteria:

SCALE: Between 1:48 and 1:43.5

GAUGE: Between 29.89 mm and 33mm

The above scale /gauge combination includes everything from Proto 48 through to American O, European O, British O and Scale 7.

JUDGING shall take place at the AMRA Branch Annual Exhibition. The final decision on whether a particular layout meets the scale/gauge criteria shall be made by the appointed Judges and their decision shall be final.

A score of 70% of the total points that may be awarded by the Judges for an item in any of the categories being judged, constitutes the minimum standard at which an award will be made.

Where there are no entries, in the opinion of the Judges that meet the above criteria or such entries do not meet the minimum standards necessary to qualify for the Award, then the Award shall not be presented at the Exhibition.

Should the Award NOT be presented at that Exhibition, then the Award may then be presented at that Branches next Annual Modelling Competition which includes a model railway layout that meets the “O” gauge Award criteria.

CONCEPT : As the original concept of this Award was to encourage the construction and display of ‘O’ gauge layouts or modules, then any of the Award recipients will not be again entitled to receive this Award for the same layout.