Renewal Awards

A contest for members where all you have to do is to renew on time. All senior and student
members who are financial on 1st September of each year are entered in a random draw with one member
receiving three additional years free membership.

  • Honorary, Life, and Reciprocal members are excluded from the draw as they cannot benefit from winning.
  • Family members are excluded from the draw – they will automatically receive an additional year of membership if
    the senior member they are associated with wins.
  • If a student member wins who would be required to upgrade to senior membership in the following
    three years then they will be automatically upgraded.
  • Those members who renewed for three years in either of the preceding two years are financial on the date of the draw and will therefore be included.
  • Those members who have not renewed their membership in time for it to be processed by the due date will not be financial on the date of the draw and will therefore not be included in it.

Norm Read BEM Perpetual Award

Dear Members,
Your Federal Committee has decided to sponsor a perpetual award in memory and appreciation of our late Federal Registrar, fellow member and friend to all, Norman Read B.E.M. in recognition of his conscientious and untiring work, first as Federal Secretary and then Federal Registrar over a period of 34 years. The Federal Committee would like this Award to be made at all AMRA State Branch Exhibitions, NSW and VIC for the Best and most appealing of an ‘O’ gauge layout that in the opinion of the judges would be worthy of the appreciation and memory of the late Norman Read.

The State Branch C.o.M’s are respectfully requested to appoint an independent judge or judges, or alternately the State Branch Committee to perform the judging of the entrants. The Award would be judged on the usual Model Judging points system and should there NOT be any ‘O’ Gauge layout that meets the minimum acceptable standard in the opinion of the judge or judges then NO award is to be made at that exhibition. The winning entry will receive an individual trophy to keep.

The Perpetual Award plaque will have the winning award for every State, each year, engraved on an individual plate attached to the plaque. The ‘Norman Read Perpetual Award’ will be placed in the N.S.W. Branch clubrooms at Mortdale in respect of the memory of the late Norman Read.

A photograph suitable for inclusion in the Journal should be sent when notifying the Federal Committee of the winning entrant.

Graham Larmour,
Federal President

Award Criteria

Journal Author

The Federal Committee of Management has decided that everyone who contributes two or more pages of material actually published in Journal in any twelve months will receive a year’s free membership.