Renewing Your Membership

Membership Year and Renewals

The AMRA membership year commences on 1st September each year and runs to the 31st August of the following year.

All existing members whose membership expires in the current year who wish to renew for the following year are required to pay their renewal fee to the Federal Registrar so that it is received in time to be processed by the 1st September. A renewal notice is issued as a loose page with the July/August Edition of Journal. This Journal is sent in a window faced envelope and the label with the delivery address is attached to the renewal notice. This can be used to renew yourself, any existing family members, and to add new family members. Family membership is open to the spouse and student children (under 19 years of age) of the senior member.

The renewal notice can also be obtained from the Member’s Area from 1st July onwards. You can also renew online using Paypal or Credit Card from the Member’s Area.

Members who have not renewed by 1st September will be unfinancial. Those whose renewals not received by the Registrar by the 31st October will be considered to have resigned their membership of AMRA. Please refer to the section below regarding rejoining.

To encourage on-time renewals, all senior and student members who are financial on 1st September of each year go in a draw with one being selected to win three additional years free membership. Where the senior member has family members those family members will also receive the additional three years (provided that they will still be eligible for family membership for that period). Those members whose renewals are not received by the due date will NOT be included in this draw as they will be unfinancial on the date of the draw.

Rejoining AMRA

Anyone who has failed to renew their membership by the end of October is considered to have resigned from AMRA and will need to rejoin. Past members of the Association get a 50% discount on the joining fee if they ask for it when they rejoin.

During November and December those who have just resigned will still have access to the part of the Member’s Area that will allow them to rejoin using Paypal or Credit card. Alternatively they can print their own form to rejoin the Association. From the following January onward those rejoining will need to use the ordinary new application form if they wish to rejoin AMRA and note on the form that they are a past member who is rejoining. The discount is only available to those paying by Paypal or credit card until the end of December as that uses an automated process that is not able to check your entitlement to the discount.

Those who actually rejoin for the full current membership year (and who therefore have a new membership that continues directly on the end of their old membership) will not be considered to be new members but will instead be reinstated under their old membership number with their original join date. Those who rejoin for the following year and who therefore have a gap in their membership will be treated as new members and will be issued a new membership number. Note that the rejoining fee is still payable even where membership is treated as being continuous if the renewal is not received by the membership registrar by 31st October.

Note that members who renew late or who rejoin with continuous membership will not receive any of the correspondence from the Association that they have missed as a result of their renewing late.

Resigning from AMRA

The AMRA membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August and so all members will be considered to be financial until the 31st August of whichever year their membership is paid up to. Anyone who indicates that they wish to resign their membership while they are still financial will be treated as having resigned when their current membership runs out on 1st September. Anyone who has not renewed and not resigned by that date will be unfinancial.

Any unfinancial member who indicates that they wish to resign will have their resignation processed as soon as it is received by the membership registrar. All members who are still unfinancial at the end of the two month grace period will be considered to have resigned on 31st October.