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Foundation Members

The following is a list of the original founding members of the Australian Model Railway Association showing the original (founding) members and their original membership numbers.

You will note that Margaret Dunlop was not originally allocated a number. Margaret was heavily involved in the setting up of the Association and was the first Associate (lady) member. Associate members were not allocated membership numbers. At
a much later date when Associate membership was converted into Family membership, the existing Associate members were reallocated membership numbers from ex-members who joined at approximately the same time. Margaret (the only founding associate) was then allocated membership number 14.

Number Name State Models
0001 Tim Dunlop Vic HO Deceased
0002 K N “Bill” Lowrey Vic O Deceased
0003 Ernie W R Dean Vic Deceased
0004 C E “Rick” Richardson Vic On2-1/2 Deceased
0005 Ernie Mainka Vic O Deceased
0006 Bryan L McClure Vic Deceased
0007 Doug J McFadden Vic O Deceased
0008 A Lowry Vic O Student
0009 B L McFadden Vic HO Student
0010 Les Baxter Vic O
0011 W G L Cartwright Vic O
0012 P W Duckett Vic O
0013 W W Gardner NSW Retailer Deceased
0014 Australian Model Craft Co NSW Retailer
Margaret Dunlop (nee Dean) Vic current
0015 R P C Pockley Vic O Student
0016 Mayer H Levy Vic O Deceased
0017 A R Stanbury SA O
0018 Richard B Gutteridge Vic O and On2-1/2 Deceased
0019 G V Fryer Vic OO Student
0020 D Rigby Vic OO
0021 H C Clarke Vic O
0022 D J Richardson Vic O
0023 O L Slater Vic O
0024 N E Wadeson Vic O
0025 D Bennett Vic HO Student
0026 Andy R Lyell Vic O Deceased
0027 D R Dolley Vic O
0028 R Stringer Vic O
0029 Ray Gregory Vic O
0030 G W Lormer Vic O Deceased
0031 Norm Read NSW O Deceased
0032 O Gauge House NSW O Closed
0033 B Crilly Vic O Student
0034 J R Brown NSW O Deceased
0035 E D Marsden NSW O
0036 F B McConnell NSW O Deceased
0037 G J Morris NSW O
0038 F Hensen Vic Manufacturer
0039 H W Whittle SA HO
0040 Dr S Suggitt Qld OO Deceased
0041 J O Watherspoon Vic O
0042 Fleet Scale Model Railway Equipment NSW Manufacturer Closed
0043 A W Ducat Vic HO
0044 A J Houston Vic HO
0045 P J M Eldering Vic O
0046 Robilt Products Vic O
0047 E S Charman Vic HO
0048 C L Craig Vic O
0049 J H Robinson Qld O Deceased
0050 B G Hearn Vic Retailer
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