Change of Address

Requirement for Notice of Change of Address

The Journal is distributed in the first week of each even month (ie. Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec). In order to ensure that you receive your copy, the Federal registrar needs to have received your notification about any change of your address by the 1st of the preceding odd month (ie. Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov).

Should the Federal Registrar not know about your change of address by this date then the following Journal may be sent to the wrong address. Any Journals returned due to an incorrect address will only be forwarded to the member concerned if that member pays the necessary postage. Please ensure that you give the Federal Registrar sufficient notice if you are changing your address.

The best way to update your address (unless you live outside Australia or are moving from or to a different country) is by using the Change Address option in the Member’s Area. That way the membership list is updated automatically without any delays.

Membership Listing

A list of member’s contact details is distributed with the March/April Journal.

All members were asked at the time they first joined whether they agreed to being included in this listing. Those who specified that they wished to be excluded are not listed and so the absence of someone’s name from the list does not necessarily indicate that they are not a member of the Association. Only the Federal Committee of Management has access to the full list of members. Branch Committees have access to a full list of all the members who reside in their state and all changed addresses for the last two month (so that they can see who has moved interstate).

Should you wish to have your details removed from this listing you should do so using the option available in the Member’s Area.

Note also that if you find that your name does not appear on that list and you expected it to then the most likely cause is that you previously requested to be removed and should use the option in the Member’s Area to put yourself back on the list for next year.