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Published since August 1951

Australia’s Premier Model Railway Club Journal

The Journal is an in-house publication supplied on a quarterly basis to all AMRA members except family members.

The Journal contains articles related to model and prototype railways that are considered to be of interest to members of the Association. The Journal also contains details of the latest plans, competitions, and activities organized by the Federal Committee of Management (sometimes referred to as the CoM). The back part of the Journal is dedicated to Branch News which lets members know what has happened and is about to happen not only in their own branch but also in the other branches across Australia.

July – August 2018 Journal

July – August 2018 Journal

In this Journal you will find the following articles: Increased Photo Opportunities The Fatal Run Sunrise & Sunset 3000 Gallon BMT’s For O Gauge Crossword Puzzle #21 Infra Red Train Detector

May – June 2018 Journal

May – June 2018 Journal

TE Wagons In O Scale Transfers Modelling A Brazilian Railway System Towards Paperless Model Railway Operation A Visit To Melbourne: 1983 Front Seat In The Eurostar

September – October 2017 Journal

September – October 2017 Journal

In this Journal you will find the following articles: A 7mm 44 Class BuildBattery Power a Lima 59 ClassChanging 45mm Gauge Track RadiusPicton Goulburn In HO ScaleCheap Turnout Servo Controller Pt1

Any articles for Journal should be sent to

Richard Chantler
The Editor, AMRA Journal

AMRA Journal


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