Member Profiles

What would AMRA be without the members? We reached our 60th Anniversary because of the outstanding dedication and commitment of many of our members.

The following profiles outline the activities of a few of these members who have contributed so much to the Association over the first 60 years. These are not the only members who have contributed to the Association but these members have been put forward by their fellow members to serve as an example of what can be achieved when members contribute their time and effort to the running of the Association. These members were recognised for their contribution to the Association by being presented with a special award either at the 50th Anniversary, the 60th Anniversary or in some instances both.

Thanks to the efforts of these members and many others, our Association is now over 60 years old. It is only with the continuing contribution of the members that we will continue to provide the same service to the hobby of Model Railways in Australia.

  • Steve Malone (Qld)
  • Jim Christie (Qld)
  • Alan Porter (WA)
  • Graham Watson (WA)
  • Dennis Ling (WA)
  • June Larmour (NSW)
  • David Bennett (NSW)
  • Norm Read (NSW)
  • Roger Lloyd (Vic)
  • John Treseder (Vic)
  • Stuart Westerman (Vic)
  • John Harry (Vic)
  • William Moorehouse (Vic)
  • Barry Wilcockson (NSW)
  • Peter Dusha (Qld)
  • Norman Rawlings (Qld)
  • William (Bill) Secker (Vic)
  • Geoff Brown (Vic)
  • Tim and Margaret Dunlop (Vic)
  • Stuart Pattison (Vic)
  • Brian Tyson (NSW)
  • Stephen Chapman (NSW)