Promote AMRA

Thankyou for helping to promote the Association and the hobby.


To assist you in your efforts to promote AMRA, we are now providing this poster that you can download and print. Instructions on how to print the poster are below.


The above image gives you some idea of what the poster looks like. To ensure that you have a quality copy of the poster to print from, we have provided the poster as a 213k compressed Acrobat file. To produce the poster simply click here to download the file. This may take a little while given the size of the file. All you need to do then is decompress and print the poster out and distribute it to your local hobby shop and other places where such advertising is appropriate.

Application Form

The information from the application form is available online on our About AMRA and How to Join pages but not everyone has access to the internet or knows to visit our site to find that information. The information on those two web pages also appears on our printed Application form booklet that we distribute to anyone expressing an interest in the Association via any means other than this site.

You can help to promote the Association by printing copies of the Application form pdf to distribute to those who can’t access it online. These two pages are intended to be printed on either side of a single A4 sheet of white or yellow paper.